Still staying strong

I’m on my second weekend without chocolate. At the moment it is surprisingly easy to go without chocolate, but I also know that there are going to be challenges ahead. Easter is approaching and the lure of Lindt Bunnies will be calling. I have bought Easter eggs for my grandchildren and the bunnies are breeding in my hostess trolley, which is where I hide everything. It has in the past been a hidey hole for excess tea bags and wine. It has contained Christmas presents and once a year at Christmas it is actually used as a hostess trolley.

Last week my Mum asked me how I was going to cope over Easter. I haven’t exchanged Easter eggs with anyone over the age of 18 for many years, so nobody gives me Easter eggs. Consequently going without at Easter is not a hardship. I can’t say the same for hot cross buns which I seem to be consuming to replace the chocolate. I have always bought chocolate so that it is in the house, but I have not always been the one to eat it. I just like it to be there. It’s my safety blanket.

I wanted to work out how to import some graphs and charts to demonstrate my ongoing progress throughout this year. I can tell you that there are 354 days left which is 5664 hours allowing for 8 hours a night sleeping time when I don’t dream about chocolate. My dreams are usually about my childhood and how much smarter and cleverer I would have been if I had concentrated more in class with less day dreaming about boys! I can give you these figures but I wanted to show you a graph which contained emotions, anxieties and smugness. I would like to have an ongoing pie chart with weeks ticked off, coloured into different shades which I could use to show how my challenge is moving on. However, this needs work. I have Numbers on my Apple laptop, but I have never worked out how to use them. Again, if I had been clever I would have worked these things out instead of bewailing my computer inadequacies. I will work on this over the weekend and possibly insert numerical data on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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