I’m so hungry!

I nearly blew it yesterday afternoon. I had a shortbread finger and I could have had another, but then I remembered they are probably full of sugar and fat. Waitrose title them as ‘All Butter Fingers’ , I guess they are probably full of butter. Waitrose don’t miss-sell, do they! With that in mind it occurred to me that there were chocolate bunnies in the kitchen and I thought that just one wouldn’t hurt. All I could think about was the melting chocolate sensation in my mouth and I was so close, luckily they were out of my reach.

I have to find healthy alternatives. Nobody fantasises about carrot sticks, although they would be the sensible thing. As I’m lactose intolerant, working on the basis of an 80/20 diet ie 80% of the time I am good about not eating lactose and 20% of the time not so good, chocolate was the 20%. Giving up chocolate for a year should help me soothe my stomach aswell as helping my weight. Now I need to examine what I can eat that is not chocolate. I have been browsing Waitrose website and Sainsbury’s just to be fair. I found rice cakes of different flavours, many have chocolate chips or are coated in chocolate but there are caramel flavoured and if I fancy savoury they do salt and vinegar flavour, I have bought a few of those. I like oat cakes and can anyone explain to me, why are they advertised as gluten free at 20% higher price when oats are naturally gluten free? A slice of cheese on top of an oat cake would satisfy my stomach until dinner. I like peanuts, salted obviously and I have found some rice crispy cakes with marshmallow, yum!

I have always been worried about being bossy to my PAs, and I don’t like to ask to have lunch organised for me, but I need to be more assertive and explain what I do need to help me to do the things I can’t do through the afternoon to help me stick to this challenge. I forget sometimes that the girls who work for me aren’t psychic and I need to tell them more often what I need help with, without coming across as being demanding.

It’s a childhood thing, ‘I want never gets.’ An adage from growing up.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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1 Response to I’m so hungry!

  1. Clare Klat says:

    You are doing so amazing – not sure I could do it for a long time! I am wondering if carrot sticks might be more ‘fun’ with a nice dip 😋 … what do you think? Sending lots of positive wishes 🤩

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