My year without chocolate. yes seriously!

I am giving up chocolate for a year. Some of my readers will now be laughing, choking on their toast, splitting their sides at the thought of me making such a bold decision.

Sometimes, when I am laying in bed at night I have ideas. I can often write eloquently and free flowing in my head. I would be a famous author by now if only I could remember it in the morning. The idea of giving up chocolate for a year came to me at 3am on Sunday morning.

As you can imagine I have quite a bit of chocolate in my house. I was going to collect up all of the chocolate yesterday, but I ran out of time with my PA and I didn’t want to ask Husband in a Hurry to help me. He would not understand, he hates being Husband in a Hurry! I have done it this morning and even I am horrified.

I intend to blog every day to you my reader about this journey. I will tell you of the emotions that I go through, I will talk about my weight, which I don’t know as we have discussed in previous blogs, I can’t find anyone with scales for a wheelchair user. I will add up the calories that I save over a year and the fat that will miraculously drop off my body.

I am giving up Cadbury’s, Lindt, Green and Blacks, Galaxy, Nestle and Divine. I give notice to chocolate companies that their profits may drop. I have listed all the chocolate in a notebook with calorie content, fat content and sugars. Over the coming months you too will be astounded at the shocking figures that we consume without realising. I will talk about ease in which we eat chocolate without thinking about it or realising what it might be doing to us.

I’m not going to be sanctimonious or preachy about the next year, you can do what you want but this is my challenge and I am determined to stick to this, so come with me if you want to accompany me.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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