I was going to, but…

I thought I would pop up to Fortnum’s this morning for supplies, but Mum & Dad might have needed help with their very first Waitrose online shop so I thought I would postpone.
Husband in a hurry and I talked about the possibility of heading to the cinema this afternoon, we still haven’t seen ‘Military Wives’ and having dinner at Pablos on Sovereign Harbour, but I seem to have injured my big toe somehow and I can’t put a sock on as I need to ‘let the air get to it’.
I was planning another trip to a bookshop, Camilla’s, in Eastbourne. You can never have too many books! Unfortunately, Camilla’s have just recently had a fire and all the shelves have been destroyed.
It’s a lovely day today and I would have loved to go for a walk along the seafront, but Husband in a hurry has an appointment with a man about the garden so time is poor and we have to stay in and wait for him.
I had a musical concert planned with Gregory Porter, but as it happens I realised it’s on TV and I haven’t got anything to wear anyway.
Husband in a hurry and I thought about taking a city break to Bath. Neither of us have ever been and always hankered to but I discovered that the neighbours were having a barbecue that weekend and there’s nothing better than a cremated sausage, is there?
This weekend is Easter. I always plan an egg hunt for my grandchildren and this year would be no exception, but it’s going to be a hot weekend and I fear the chocolate will melt, so I’ll have to eat them.
Under normal circumstances I would be planning the grand relocation to my new suite, banners, balloons and general decor, but unfortunately the builders have all fallen out, petty squabbling and playground antics so it’s put on hold.

These are all plans torn asunder by COVID-19. This becomes more real because even Boris has been stricken down by this virus. Even though I’ve never met him I feel a connection to our PM and we’re all shocked to hear that he was admitted to Intensive Care. It is only when a familiar face becomes infected that it comes home to us how fragile we all are. The numbers that we hear of day in and day out are faceless until it is someone who we’ve known and seen for many years. I really hope Boris can shake this off, it will help me to feel that this is something we can defeat.

I am sending my best wishes and prayers to him and his family.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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