No available slots

My online supermarket of choice is Waitrose. That’s not because I’m terribly middle class, or is it? Only my friends and nearest and dearest can say if that’s true. I have been shopping online for many years and I’ve always got my Christmas delivery slots booked well in advance, I’m a real pro and I know my stuff. COVID-19 has thrown me a curve ball. I began to attempt to book slots around 2 weeks ago. I need to shop for my mother-in-law online and I booked in preparation for a famine. No, I’m not a panic buyer, I’ve always shopped like this – see my previous blogs, I like to shop.

Here’s how confused I’ve been just recently. I had a slot for mother-in-law on the 30th March and it’s still open. I had booked 11:00-12:00 today with Waitrose and I had also booked 10:00-11:00 tomorrow. There was another one on the 6th April and here’s where the confusion begins. I had 6th April for my mother-in-law to receive a delivery, however my sister-in-law managed to register with a lesser supermarket and Mum-in-law didn’t need the 6th April anymore, so I thought simple, you’d think, I’d change the delivery slot to me. Apparently not. Waitrose will allow me to change my billing address but delivery address is set in stone. My eldest daughter offered to have a go for me. So, on Mother’s Day I got her on the phone and asked her, using my leverage as mother on Mother’s day to help me. The conversation went,
Daughter, “What’s your email address?”
Me, “You know my email address”
Daughter, “Okay, what’s your password?”
Me, “I don’t know! It’s one of those Safari generated strong passwords”
Daughter, “Well I can’t do it without your password can I?”
Me, “Well what can I do then?”
Daughter, “I can’t help you, Mother”
Me, “Fine! I’ll cancel the slot”

Now some random shopper has got the slot that was mine.

I have been jumping between the slot that was the 24th and the one that is due tomorrow. Both are for considerable items and, as I have MS brain, I instantly forget the items on one as I amend the other. Help, I’m in a fiddle-faddle! I don’t want to cancel an available slot because I’m protective of them. I’m reluctant to make a decision where I might need food delivered to an already overfull kitchen. I have to make a choice, which one should go? It’s worse than choosing a boyfriend.

I have a delivery pass with Sainsbury’s. They’re not being helpful either. Back at the weekend they sent me an email telling me that they would prioritise disabled online shoppers. They gave me a telephone number, a dedicated line which I was told I could register with on Monday. Ha! This telephone number is either constantly engaged or completely dead. I have wasted hours waiting for them to register me despite the fact that I have shopped with them loyally for many years. I don’t know what to do.

Boris Johnson has instructed us to use online deliveries, where possible. I would really appreciate it if he could tell me where it is possible.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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