Sue’s suite or sweet

I thought I might give an update on the progress of the new build. Since we talked regarding this conversion much has happened. I have chosen wall colours, tiles, floor coverings and shutters. These are the fripperies and the enjoyable bits of my (our) annexe. I like to consider that I have a small flare for design and it’s something that I enjoy. If I had a money tree at the bottom of my garden, I would change kitchens, bathrooms and decor endlessly, just because I like doing it.

I spent a couple of hours several weeks ago in my local Tops Tiles with a young man called Shaun. Well I think he was young, he was certainly younger than me! I was in the store a long time, trying to decide on which tiles i would like, but aware of the financial implications of my choices. For instance, I chose some particularly Hollywood Bling style tiles but was told they were £60 per square metre. So, Shaun and I eventually selected a compromise which accommodated both financial constraints with fabulousness.

My style could be described as spendthrift. I’m getting better, but I like ‘nice’ things and nice things cost money. There is a budget to this conversion and I’m trying to stay within it. Fortunately, Husband in a hurry likes nice things, too, which makes it easier.

I have chosen shutters over blinds or curtains. I always knew I wanted them, but I have to admit that I used my womanly wiles to get my own way. I had four quotes ranging from either end of the spectrum. I requested Hillary Blinds for one and I met a nice man by the name of Bill. When we met, he used his sales training techniques, which are easily identified by a woman of my age who’s been around the block. Within the first half an hour of our meeting, I knew his children’s names, where they went to school, where they were brought up, Bill’s favourite holiday haunts, all designed to win me over to his side. I went in hard, because I am a woman and I know my own mind. He clearly thought that this wasn’t the case and I was just the ‘little woman’. I explained at the outset that he wouldn’t receive an order today, but that I wanted him to give me his very best price after offers and discounts. I felt a bit patronised when he offered to show me the list price of these shutters, which I declined, explaining to him that my husband would expect a discount, which I had negotiated (all by my little self). I should explain that the shutters come in two ranges, well three but I discounted MDF. One was wooden louvres in an MDF frame and the other range was all wood. Bill kindly gave me prices for both and left after a full explanation of the benefits of Hillary’s. I gave HIAH both prices when he came home from work and he promptly telephoned Bill to discuss prices further. I can tell you, Hillary’s that I was disappointed when he negotiated a further markdown. Yes, I’m pleased that I can have the top of the range shutters for the price of the lower range but I do feel a little bit miffed that I wasn’t taken seriously enough to be given that price up front. I thought we had feminism (but that’s another blog).

The tiles are up in my wet room and they look amazing. I have been asked to choose the colour of my flooring and a little bit of mischief in me wants to choose claret red, however, I think that’s a little dark so we are going for grey.

So here we are, this is where I’m at so far. The building crew all seem to be getting on with their jobs really well with minimum bribery from me, ie tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits. However, Paul told me yesterday that one of the jobs he’d been at, the client supplied daily bacon sandwiches and baked goods, so I’m falling short; lift your game Sue!

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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