Shoe size not age

I’m going to be 62 this year. I don’t feel as if I should be this age, yet. I mean, 62, that’s quite old isn’t it? I still have a zest for life, for learning and I have pizazz. I know I shouldn’t have, on paper as a 61 year old woman with MS who is overweight and eats too much chocolate, should I be unhealthy, unhappy and generally a bit morose?

‘Education is wasted on the young’, might have been said by George Bernard Shaw. I think this is very true, I have a thirst for knowledge at my age and I am inquisitive about everything. I would love to learn to speak a new language even if there is no one to speak it back to me, I have a secret passion to learn Chess because others can play it around me. I could take up a new hobby but I can’t paint or be creative with paper, origami for instance. My years of MS have lost my co-ordination and I don’t have any dexterity left for doing these things. Apparently, I can write a bit, but actually I need someone who can help me scribe, today it’s Della.
When I was at school learning wasn’t really on my radar. I was having too much of a good time. That’s why George Bernard Shaw is right. I long to learn now but back when I was 16 I did the barest minimum in order to pass the necessary qualifications to be in employment.

In this age of awareness and learning to live longer and better, education is leaning towards our health. I’m being told that in order to be fit I should take up running, well tell me how to do that in a wheelchair. Walking has been proven to benefit mental health and wellbeing but as a presentation of my MS is trigeminal neuralgia I struggle to cope with wind, rain and general English weather. If anyone wants to send me off for a ramble in Queensland, Australia feel free!
I feel excluded somewhat by TV and media who all claim to say that I should be losing weight and walking or playing a sport of some kind. If Tom Kerridge or Dr Michael Mosley could kindly let me know how I could do this I would appreciate it. I’m not getting annoyed by this and I don’t want anyone to think that this is a rant about my situation, but I’m just telling this as it is. I’m stuck sitting down, but I’m exercising three times a week. It should be helping, however my exercise ‘bicycle’ measures the calories I burn and I must tell you – it’s not very many.

I know I’m cuddly and I often wish I could afford liposuction, however, chocolate is one of my loves in life and I’m a cheerful 61 year old who is still enjoying my time researching the history of the Tudor Dynasty.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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1 Response to Shoe size not age

  1. Cousin Clare says:

    I am right there with you! I never wanted to learn at school and like you did what I had to but no desire to do any more than that but now I have a passion to learn and get new qualifications. I do wonder if it would have been different if I was at school nowadays with the focus on making learning interesting instead of my experience of ‘old’ schooling. I also love chocolate 🥰😋!!! Much love Sue x

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