The older I get, the crankier I get

Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs are something of a puzzle to me. Relationships seem to be perfect on Radio 2 on a Sunday morning. Couples delight in each other, they’ve lived through ‘highs and lows and ups and downs’. At the end of the dedication it is revealed that they’ve been together a relatively short period of time. They haven’t experienced Anything yet.

I am getting more bad tempered as I get older, I find myself getting into a high dudgeon quicker and with more intensity than I ever did. This has been noticed and commented on by ‘Husband in a hurry’. I’m not menopausal; too late guys, been there done that. I’m finding it hard to understand why I feel so peeved about trivial incidents. When I was young I accepted compromise more easily than I do now. I didn’t mind so much that things didn’t always go the way I wanted or needed. MS wasn’t such a major inconvenience and so I found it easier to allow for a little discomfort, sitting in a wheelchair didn’t give me any kind of ‘worn out bits’ and my body bounced back because it was young. Unfortunately, I can’t stay young forever, I can hold off the wrinkles on my face and I can cover up the grey in my hair, but bones get weary and muscles complain more than they did.

My temper and my patience is tried to it’s limit these days. I find that I get irritated too quickly and I have to admit that I am struggling to ask why. Why do I get unreasonably annoyed when things are not done when I want them to be done? I used to be patient, uncomplaining and calm, now I am the opposite.

These irritations arrive in any relationship and from being taken for granted (on both sides), there are no rights or wrongs just learning that with longevity tolerance needs to follow.

Steve Wright plays the odd dedication from couples who have been together for decades. Is this because they have learned to rub along together or they accept that they get annoyed with each other and allow for it?

I promise I’m not a grumpy old woman, most of the time.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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