Don’t fence me in….at least on sunny, dry days.

There are some things I’m quite good at: socialising, shopping and eating out. It’s always good to have somebody with you, but sometimes it’s fun to go it alone.  I know a table for one isn’t the best, however, at least I get to choose my own food.

Every time I go out I have to take a PA with me.  That involves me paying for someone to come shopping with me.  All my PA’s are very good; they don’t do shopping for themselves because they know that they are working.  I would like to go out on my own just occasionally.  I know I gave up driving my car reluctantly, so I appreciate that anywhere I go has to be within walking (wheeling) distance.

My problem is, escaping my house has become something of a trial to me.  I am allowed a set of keys to my own home! But the challenge is closing the front door behind me.  If I wheel forwards down my ramp and turn at the bottom then wheel back up the ramp, facing my front door (because the door is wide open to allow me out) I can’t lean far enough towards the door latch and reverse back out whilst pulling it shut.  Can you follow this? Leaving ones abode is such a minor exercise, unless you’re in a wheelchair and on your own.

That said, I have done this before.  Let me explain exactly how I have managed it: I leave by the conservatory door, which is out the back of the house, and as the two doors open outwards, I can close them and lock them keeping the key with me at all times.  We have a gate at the side of our house and as long as I ensure that someone has unbolted that gate, I can get out. Hoorah! I need to close the gate and I have connected a long piece of string to the gate handle and I can pull it closed, then I am free!

After a leisurely jaunt around a well known supermarket, I head home clutching my purchases.  Now I have to get back in, before anyone realises that I’ve gone AWOL.  The string needs to be disconnected from the gate and because it’s a gate and won’t dent, I can lean forward and open the latch.  I can unlock the conservatory door with the key, which I haven’t lost, dropped, been mugged for or any of the other unpleasant incidents that people might assume, or predict even, will have happened to me.  Once indoors, I set about to secrete the unhealthy stuff I have bought, finding new and as yet undiscovered cubby holes.

When ‘Husband in a Hurry’ came home from work he would ask why the gate is unlocked and I would tell him that the gardener came that day.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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