Eurovision Misery

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. I sat through every song and nearly all the votes. When it was becoming clear to me that our entry was doing extremely badly, I gave up. It was past 11 o’clock, and as I usually take myself to my bed, or am taken to bed, at 10.30pm latest, I gave up.

We have been doing extraordinarily badly for years now, and I ask myself why do we continue to put ourselves through this? We find a hopeful singer or group and select as a country our entry weeks before the contest. We try to hype it up, but as we are not allowed to vote for our own entry, there’s no point in trying to ‘big up’ in our own country. We should take our entry to all the other European countries and try and push it over there instead. We hope for the best. I watched the Italian song and was told that it had had fifty million streams. Why is it allowed that other countries seem able to enter already popular songs whilst we enter a song that is not well known and seems unlikely to get the coverage that we would want?

There are five major contributing countries to the Eurovision Song Contest and guess what? We are one of them. This means that even though we pay considerable amounts of money towards the production, we still seem to be the outsiders.

I am interested to relate this to our voting today. Despite the fact that we should have left Europe on the 29th March, we find ourselves voting for a European Parliament. I think that if we had left, is it possible that we could have a referendum on our continued entry to the ESC? It might seem trivial and not as important as the momentous decision we made three years ago, but it seems to me that we could opt to leave with greater ease than we can to come out of Europe.

The voting system in the contest is frighteningly the same as what we are going through now. Music should not be politically motivated, however I don’t think anyone in this country believes anything other than that the voting is politically motivated in the contest and we, the UK, are seen to be European, any more than Australia is!

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  1. Laura says:

    I didn’t watch it.

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