Am I The Only One Out Here?

I’ve been blogging for a while.  It’s a good way for me to tell you what I want to and I was hoping that I would attract a bit of ‘passing traffic’, but it would appear that I’m talking to myself and you know what it’s like when you talk to yourself? There’s no one listening.

I don’t think my blogs are boring, some of them are interesting, some of them are funny and some are poignant.  Where is everyone? It’s fashionable to blog, some people are making money from their blogs and some are becoming ‘J’ List celebrities. Why aren’t I? I feel so lonely, just a comment would be nice, it acknowledges my existence.  I’m not expecting to make loads of money, I don’t want a Maserati out of this, a Renault Clio would do, I’ve got the diamond ring and I’m living in a nice house.  Okay, it might need adaptations, but apparently they’re in hand.

I could tell you about the conversion of the garage, but are you listening? I know my family read this, but I need to appeal to all of you out there.  What am I doing wrong? Is it because I don’t know the technical terms? Am I too old to blog? Is there a ‘blog clique’ out there that I’m not part of? I feel like an outsider and I’m knocking on the door.  Please let me in.  What’s the secret? What part of this process am I missing? Why aren’t you all responding to me? I want you to talk with me. I’d like to make friends and ‘meet’ people.

I’m active on social media, I link my blog to Twitter and Facebook but people are not retweeting or sharing.

I need to rethink my strategy to become even more ‘out there’.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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2 Responses to Am I The Only One Out Here?

  1. Bonnie mccoy says:

    I’m reading your blogs, very interesting and funny. Waiting to hear about your first published book! Hope that will be next! Xoxo from Ohio

    • I'M Still me..... says:

      Hi Bonnie! I’m so sorry I haven’t been in touch, I promise I will soon. I’m so pleased that I’m not shouting into the ether. Hope all is well with you? xx

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