Home Surgery

My ear has been a bit blocked up recently, it’s not an infection but a build up of wax, or so they say…

One of my PA’s has suggested that a spider might have crawled in my ear at night, because apparently that’s what they do. We’ve only got her word for that, no proof. It could have been an earwig.  Anyway, my junior daughter asked me if I’d ever tried “those candles” I’d heard of them but had never tried them.  Laura thought they might be a good idea so she collected and bought two and came back to experiment on me!

With the help of my PA, she set to her minor surgical procedure, I had to rest my head 90 degrees on a pillow and she introduced the candle to my ear cavity.  She had to protect my hair from falling ash and as the suggested paper plate wasn’t available last night’s tea towel had to do.

As I lay contemplating this situation, the aromas of the previous evening’s dinner kept coming back to me.

“This tea towel needs washing!” I said.

‘The candle has to burn down to the red line’ the instructions read.  This took about 15 minutes.

I had no neck pain because I’d lost all feeling on that side.

After the allotted time the inside of the candle was examined with only a little wax and no spider.  Laura was using her phone’s torch to peer into my ear and managed to see clumps inside but couldn’t get to them with the cotton bud she was poking in.

The next step was to try a remedy suggested to my son-in-law years ago by an American redneck woman.  He used to get very stuffed ears after swimming when he was a boy.

Hydrogen Peroxide!

I thought that’s what we used in the ‘olden days’ to bleach hair.  Luckily, son-in-law has some at home. He brought it around and I tilted my head once again, I was warned that it would be cold and might fizz a bit. It did!

However, it hasn’t worked and apparently I need to spend £50 syringing one ear!

If the public weren’t so squeamish about disability, this would make a fantastic scene in a sit-com.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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