My grandchildren are young and we allow mispronunciation when children are cute and  it sounds very charming. At what point do we correct?

Henry and Meadow came for dinner on Monday. We had lasagne and it was always going to be a struggle to ask a six year old and a three year old to eat it.  Earlier in the meal I was informed that there was no way Henry was going to eat it because it had ‘vegebells’ in it.  After much coaxing we managed to eat two thirds of it and Meadow seemed happy with it.  This got me to thinking and remembering childhood ‘pisspronounciations’ aka David Brentisms.

Meadow calls our family her ‘flamly’ and Laura always loved ‘lellow’ as her favourite colour.  Some mispronunciations in adulthood annoy me enormously! When I was a girl of thirteen years old, I wrote an essay in which I consistently wrote ‘should of’ and ‘could of’ instead of ‘should have’ and ‘could have’.  My English teacher, Mr Rich, gave me one hundred lines to write, I wrote each of these lines wrong! He gave me five hundred lines and I’ve never got it wrong since.  I am irritated beyond belief and I correct fiercely anyone who gets it wrong.

I come from a background of speaking correctly and I find it very difficult to be in a situation where mispronunciation is a given.  When somebody asks me if I have “sin the latest film”, or “bin to the new shopping centre” I am perplexed.

“Yes, thank you, I have seen the new film and I have been to the new shopping centre”.

Someone close to me has always had specific words that don’t come naturally to them.  I have always connected ‘pacific’ to an ocean, however they have particular challenges in regards to that word.

I have been diagnosed with MS for forty years, in that time it has been labelled with many different names, but my favourite by far is ‘multiple cirrhosis’.

My liver is not YET pickled, but give it time.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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