Wrong if you do, wrong if you don’t…

Has life got a bit silly? I’m a feminist and I am in total admiration for the women who gave up their lives to make sure that we had the vote. However, I’m beginning to wish I didn’t have one, because if I fall for the diatribe that prospective MPs want to give me in order to gain my vote, I expect them to behave when they get to Westminster. The past few weeks have shown me that MPs are no better than children in the playground. After the result of the referendum, it would have been a good idea if we had taken a contingency of MPs, remainers and Brexiteers, across all parties, to Europe in order to negotiate a good deal for Britain. If we had taken on Michel Barnier and Donald Tusk with a balanced and comprehensive solution to leaving Europe, we might possibly have had a result by now. Instead, we are left with egg on our face, most of Europe laughing at us, and we’ve shown ourselves to be the lesser country that we’ve become. It’s a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, when Theresa May now wants to hear the opinions of all parties, after she has lost the vote. Also, Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t want to join in her gang, because she won’t say definitely no to no deal. I would accept that they are sparring partners, and that Tories and Labour will always be antagonistic to each other, but these are difficult times, and surely it would be obvious to anyone with any common sense at all to talk and communicate for the best deal for this country. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this; almost everyone I talk to in my daily life thinks that the behaviour in the House of Commons at the moment is shameful to our democracy. We would be better having a military coup.

What I would like to know is, will I still be able to buy continental quilts after we leave? Is there anyone in Europe who can tell me?

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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