Magic Moments with Meadow

Can you tell the difference between an adult and a grown-up? I’ve reached the grand old age of 60 and I am a grown-up, whilst Husband-in-a-Hurry is older than me and he’s an adult.  When my 3 year old granddaughter found that she could do creative things with the exciting contents of ‘Nonna’s Activity Drawer’ the adult would have covered the worktop in newspaper and used an old shirt to protect clothing from glue and glitter! The grown-up (Me) didn’t do that.

The pleasure on Meadow’s face when she discovered I had six, I said SIX, unopened tubes of glitter AND school glue was exquisite.  We took roles: I was the ‘applier and spreader-outer’ of glue, mostly on to the paper and Meadow spilled the glitter, mostly on to the glue.

I could feel the presence of ‘the adult’, his internal mechanism disapproving and trying very hard to contain the enthusiasm of ‘grown-up’ and granddaughter.  Meadow and I started with the navy glitter and made a picture for her mummy, it was more just a splodge of glue but she liked it.

“We’re making a picture for Daddy now” but naturally we need a different colour glitter. “What colour would Daddy like?” I ask.

“Daddy would like purple!” Meadow replies.  The ‘Adult’ says: “Why don’t you use up the colour you’ve opened?”

Meadow replies: “It’s all gone!”

Now it’s on the floor, it’s in my chair, it’s on our clothing.  Daddy’s purple picture is finished and now we need to make a picture for Koby and Lola, the dogs, of course. They want pink glitter!

As those of you know, who spend any time with 3 year old’s, their fine motor skills are limited.  The glitter comes out of the tube in a fountain and the spatula comes with the glue!

At this point, Husband-in-a-Hurry, is losing control of his grandfatherly demeanour; he wants to get cross and clear up the mess but he can’t because he’s granddad. It softens his heart a little when Meadow wants to make him a picture, but she wants to open another colour.

If this wasn’t rewarding enough; the delight in creating something for those she loves, the fun we had in spite of the dark glares from the ‘Adult’, it was the way she sat on my lap and put her arms tight around my neck, that hug will always be with me.


About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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