Dancing in the dark

I’m looking for a younger man, someone who can hold me up when I fall.

There is a competition running on the radio to see Bruce Springsteen in New York City. It’s in aid of Children in Need and it costs £10 to enter, all of the proceeds going to C In N – I would love to see The Boss, especially in NYC.

On Tuesday morning the conversation between me and my patient husband (PH) went like this:

Me; “Would you like to see Bruce Springsteen?”

PH; “Oh I s’pose if he ever came to this country”

Me; “You wouldn’t like to see him in New York, then?”

PH; “What, you mean this competition?”

Me; “On Broadway, Upper Class Virgin Travel, three nights in the Hilton Midtown, you wouldn’t want to do that?”

PH: Sighs deeply “Can you think of the aggro getting there? It would be so much hassle and anyway, there’s probably a ‘get out clause’ for wheelchairs”.

It’s early in the morning and it took me a while to get the irony of a ‘get out clause’ for wheelchairs and I know that PH doesn’t do irony, so it wasn’t deliberate.  The conversation continues:

Me; “I don’t think Chris Evans or Virgin Atlantic would get away with such discrimination, do you?”

PH; “Well you’d never win anyway!”

Me; “No, probably you’re right but it’s for a good cause and I will read the t & c’s, just to check before I enter.”

PH; “You do what you wanna do, Saints are only two points off the bottom now.”

At this point I know the conversation is over, apart from me saying: “I could do this conversation in ‘stand up’, oh whoops, I’ve done it again!

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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