I Have A Dream

I used to live in a bungalow.  It was a lovely bungalow, south facing, huge living room, 12′ patio windows and 3 bedrooms.  The only problem was there was only one bathroom and my bedroom was the other end of the bungalow.  With developing MS and continence issues becoming more urgent, one bathroom was never enough.  So we moved to a house, well, two, to be accurate and now I long to be able to access all areas.

Occupational Therapy assessments are trying to help but I’m still left with a set of stairs and a stair lift which only Andy can lift me on to and off.  We have considered all lifestyle changes, major and minor, however, at the end of the day and for both our comfort and safety, a bungalow is the only realistic option.  Finding the right bungalow is proving to be a challenge, we have to have widened doors, no ninety degree turns in hallways, large enough rooms to wreck with my electric wheelchair.

The obvious solution to me is to write my own not to design my own, I already have that dream! It has improved over the years and I feel that now is the time to bring it to fruition.

Let me tell you about this bungalow.

It is strangely a two story property, the ground floor consists of garages, a utility / laundry room and room for all the ‘gubbins’ that you do not want cluttering up your living areas; radiators: as it is going to have underfloor heating; boilers and water tanks. A wine cellar is de rigeur and I might put a ‘man cave’ down there.  The bungalow is timber framed and has a flight of steps from ground floor to first floor.  A verandah surrounds the first floor, so that I can search the sun any time of the day.  The interior includes three double bedrooms; two with en suite and the master with a wet room, each bedroom opens out on to the verandah via picture windows and they are the only rooms which have doors.  The living is all open plan; a kitchen leads to dining which in turn leads to the sofas.  All hard floors throughout, possibly parquet.  I can hear you asking: “how are you going to get on to a first floor bungalow?” A person lift leads from the garage up to my bedroom, so I can roll from the car, directly into the lift and upstairs.  There is a flight of interior back stairs which lead from the laundry room lead into the kitchen.

The only problem I have with this project is funding: until my debut novel is published I don’t have any money.  I can’t afford to buy a plot of land, with or without the statutory planning permission.  I have no money for architects and construction. I’m not going to sell my soul to the devil just to pay for it. So, this is going to remain just a dream but without dreams nothing happens in life, does it?

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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