It’s Raining, again

It was blue sky when we left the house.  We closed the front door, set the burglar alarm and we were off.  I just needed to pick up a few things, from Waitrose obviously, and it was warm and we had a really lovely walk.  I knew I didn’t have loads of time as my PA is only employed until 1pm and she had a lunch date, so we didn’t meander.  I picked up some football cards for my grandson and went into the supermarket.  It was dinner for Andy and a few nice things for me, as you do.  Whilst we were out shopping my PA suggested she could look in Poundland for something she needed and asked if it was alright with me.  They always check that I don’t mind them picking up items for themselves when they are escorting me on a trip out and of course I don’t mind.  We found a few extra things in Poundland and spent possibly a bit longer than we should have, but it is Poundland.  It looked a bit grey when we went in but nothing to worry about.  When we came out of the shop the heat hit us like that feeling when you open an oven door when you’ve been cooking a long slow lamb shank.  There was a fine rain but we didn’t feel it was anything to worry about.

How wrong were we?

As we were walking in the rain it came down harder and harder, I asked my PA if she had grown up hearing the advice: ‘you never shelter under a tree in a thunderstorm because it might get struck by lighting’.  We both had and we wondered if this had ever happened.  We were grateful for a tree when the deluge came.  It was incredible that we could see the rain approaching us and we were clearly going to get wet on the way home.  We couldn’t stay under the tree as we didn’t know how long it would last so we just went for it.  As a wheelchair user, even though my chair goes quite fast, the rain hits me on every part of my body.  An able bodied person will still get wet but mostly because they are travelling through the rain, whereas sitting in my chair, rain collects on me because it has no where else to go, that’s how it works.  So even though it was one o’clock when I got home, I was drenched and I mean drenched! Every bit of me was soaked through, I was like a drowned rat and my PA had to miss her lunch date as I had to be completely undressed, dried and redressed in clean, dry clothes as the rain was filthy.

The sun has now come out.

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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