Some Thoughts from A Broad…

You may have realised by now that I am an independent person who is dependent on others, I love my life even with a wheelchair.  But the quality of life is forever encountering obstacles in the most mundane of places.  Has anyone ever thought about how I get into a dental chair? I am required to be lifted into that chair from my wheelchair and that’s fine while my dentist is 6’3″ and an ex Rugby player, but what do I do when he retires?

I love having my hair done at a salon, a very well known chain of salons, even though friends and colleagues suggest that it might be easier for me to have a mobile hairdresser to my home.  However, I don’t get offered cappuccinos or prosecco at home, so why would I?

I adore the girls who look after my locks and help me feel and look gorgeous, but I don’t want any of them getting injured on my account.  It’s when we get to the back-wash that things get hairy.  I have to be lifted from my wheelchair to the seating in front of the back-wash basin.  This situation is remedied by having my husband in attendance, however I don’t want him there; I don’t want him knowing how much this luxury is costing me.  I can’t let the staff at Toni & Guy lift me as they might get hurt.  It would be classed as a work-place injury and can you imagine the furore caused if I, as a wheelchair user, was turned away due to disability? My money is just as good as anyone else’s, but I’m a frumpy, sixty year old woman in a wheelchair and I feel as if I don’t fit in.

After a recent refurbishment at the salon, I had expected a nod towards disability awareness in these so-called inclusive times, but it was not to be.  Can you imagine the unique selling point if they had that? Just one chair which could be moved to accommodate a wheelchair user? By leaving my electric wheelchair at home so that my smaller one can be used I make a compromise, why can’t they compromise with me and all the other wheelchair users? Do I make the establishment look untidy? Does my physical presence offend and detract from the demographic the salon is aimed at?

If I go on a cruise I am escorted from beginning to end, likewise when I go on a plane there are staff who assist and are trained too.  Why is it so difficult in my workaday life?  Why isn’t this the same? Why isn’t this just the norm?

About I'M Still me.....

I'm an MS warrior and writer who enjoys Prosecco, chocolate, looking glamorous and who will NEVER go grey!
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